For no particular reason, I’ve written the following manifesto for myself to follow:


From 22. October 2007 until 22. October 2008, I will:

  1. refrain from digital photography except in utmost need;
  2. photograph in black and white;
  3. photograph things as they are;
  4. refrain from special effects;
  5. refrain from focal lengths other than 50mm for 35mm film and 80mm for 120 film except in the case of a pinhole;
  6. process my own film;
  7. use available light;
  8. shoot at least one film of 35mm and one film of 120 per month;
  9. build at least one camera myself;
  10. blog about my experience at this blog.

When the year has elapsed, I will consider extending the manifesto, and I will ask at least one other to adopt a similar one.


About lidlesseye

Mouthing off about photography, and occasionally important things too.

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  1. I like this manifesto idea though I think two or three rolls minimum of 120 would be better at only twelve shots per roll. As for the 35mm – I’m going to take this up myself.

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