A friend commented on my manifesto the other day; she was wondering about the purpose of the ‘one film a month’ rule.

Fair point.

She reasoned that it was a little like requiring a Dogma 95 filmmaker to make x films per year, and that forced creativity did not correlate to quality.

This is also true.

The reason I added a throughput clause was to keep me moving, to prevent me from slacking off. A future iteration of the manifesto might require the photographer not only to shoot one film per month per chosen format, but also to finish one complete project per month. This is not set in stone however, and I’m still thinking about that one.

And one 36-exposure 35mm film per month is not exactly stupendously fast. That amounts to 1.16 photographs per day without pursuing a particular project. It’s easily possible to go through a roll of film during a walk around Avis Dam, allowing for bracketing exposures, different angles of a particular subject and so forth.

Talking to Tina just now, who agrees that the throughput clause is important, otherwise a person could say that they’re photographing digital-free, and then not taking any pictures at all.

I shall see.


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