Mach´s Dir Selbst!: Bauen Sie sich Ihre eigene Lochbildkamera.

Die Zeit, the only German newspaper I read with any kind of regularity, has an interesting article (in German) on their website on how to build a small pinhole camera:

Mach´s Dir Selbst!: Bauen Sie sich Ihre eigene Lochbildkamera.: “Fotografisch untalentiert? Dann sparen Sie das Geld für eine teure Kamera und verleihen Sie Ihren Bildern eine künstlerische Note”

I’m not totally sold on their motivation: “If you suck at photography, then you should save the money you’d spend on an expensive camera, and build a pinhole camera.” In fact, I disagree. I think that whether or not you’re ‘good at photography’ should have absolutely nothing to do with whether you build a pinhole camera, and in fact I think that people who think they’re ‘good at photography’ will often learn something about their skills if they take the time and trouble to build one.

However they do make a very valid point: the more megapixels, the more your mediocrity (if you’re mediocre) will shine through.

However I do want to highlight one thing that often gets glossed over: without cannibalising an existing camera, it is currently impossible, or at least impractical, to build a digital pinhole camera. There’s modified camera body caps, for sure, but that’s not what I mean. It’s currently just not practical to build a digital pinhole from scratch.

Whereas with film, it’s easy …


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