The Plot Thickens …


(This post is not about photography, but it’s interesting to me anyway as the notion of historical vertigo appeals to me)

The New York Observer has an interesting article about a new theory regarding the death of Edgar Allan Poe., which I found quite by accident browsing Arts and Letters Daily.

Interesting for a couple of reasons.

This new evidence has come to light some 158 years after the event using a combination of modern medical science and contemporary observation. The originator of the theory, Matthew Pearl, who happens to be the author of The Poe Shadow, a book dealing with the storied author’s death, noticed something odd about descriptions of Poe’s body many years after his death, and took his thoughts to a coroner. Said coroner expressed an opinion, and lo: a theory is born.

I find this fascinating because I am also researching an ancestor for a project quite unrelated to photography, and I mean to take some theories of mine to a psychologist.

Interesting also because I happen to have begun reading The Poe Shadow this morning.

I think that serendipity is an important ingredient to any creative endeavour…


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