Today marks the beginning of my digital hiatus.

It’s also my birthday.

So I’m taking the battery out of my Canon EOS 300D, putting away the camera, its lenses, the charger, everything. I won’t be needing it for a year. And no you can’t have, or even borrow, it.

Incidentally, I may also not take photographs with my cellphone, or even the iSight camera on my MacBook Pro.

Before you ask, I am allowed to use a scanner, and I am allowed to use Photoshop, since I don’t have an enlarger and I would like to keep posting to Flickr. Also, I can’t do my day job without using Photoshop …

And who knows: perhaps I’ll sell the 300D part of the way in. I can always get the latest and greatest come next October, and my lenses will still work with those. Or maybe I’ll pick up a 35mm EOS. Or maybe I won’t.

A year goes by quickly, or slowly; it’s a function of how one goes about things. Maybe I’ll miss the quick-fix of digital photography, maybe not. Maybe it’s like laying off the booze, or drugs; perhaps the feeling of cold turkey will pass.

Maybe I’ll become a better photographer.

Maybe not.

So yeah: Happy birthday to me …


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