The first letter of the alphabet and the first integer are powerful.

So I was in a dangerous second hand store, and I chanced upon their camera display, which I must never do for therein lies peril for my wallet.

There was a Canon A-1 there, with “accessories”: the original manual, a ‘how to get the best out of your revolutionary new camera’ book, an Extender FD2x-A and an Extension tube FD 50.

I had no idea what the extension tube was for, but it came with the camera so I’m not saying no.

The shutter is noisy!

So a bit of investigation revealed that the extension tube is for macro work, which my manifesto does not permit me to do, but Tina will love it.

Everything seems to work, except the viewfinder display, which is not really a big deal since I’m planning to use it 100% manually anyway. But man the thing feels meaty!

After a couple of years of digital photography, where you’re surprised the lenses are even still glass, and everything has been dumbed down and lightened and cheapened, it’s refreshing to take something this massive into one’s hands and feel it do something.

I raided the film drawer in the fridge and purloined one of Tina’s Ilford HP5s (I’ll pay her back I promise), popped it in, and took a couple of shots. We will see what that turns into …


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  1. When you mentioned the A1 last night, it brought back many memories. It was my Dad’s (and mine when I could borrow it) first SLR. In the days before autofocus, you really had to have good eyes, although I remember that there’s a center circle in the viewfinder that did a credible job of helping you know when you’ve achieved a reasonably crisp point.

    Even new, the shutter was noisy and the camera had a real mechanical feel as it flicked the mirror out of the way to take the shot. I can’t wait to see the results!

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