So my negative scanner arrived. Started ‘playing’ with it, figuring out how to get some decent results. Still got some learning to do, especially with the spacing of negative to scanner glass.

One thing I had not realised was just how huge full-resolution scans of 120 film can be, even at a relatively ‘sane’ 4800dpi (the scanner can do 6400). The MacBook Pro won’t be the computer where all my scans will live, at this rate, and I can tell that Aperture wants (i) more RAM and (ii) more processors and (iii) more hard drive. I guess this is what they mean with gear lust, and I can see why pro photographers like their quad-core MacPros with their onboard 1TB RAID arrays…

At any rate, I’m re-scanning some the photos that are on my Flickr Back to Basics set, and I’m wondering whether I should leave the originals and just supplement them (I have the pro membership, so I don’t have limits per se), or whether I should replace them…


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