Electronics are for weenies

My Leica is here.

It is an ex-demo bought online from a store in Münster, Germany, and is an MP Classic, equipped with a Summicron 50mm f/2 lens.

I had erroneously thought it was a plain-vanilla MP, but no … it’s a Classic. That means that there is no light meter at all, making it basically a latter-day improved M3.

Far from being disappointed, I’m actually pretty gratified at this fluke. My friends think I’m weird: “So you actually think the absence of a light meter is a feature?”

It turns out that some Leica marketing dude requested a special run of 500 even-more-minimalist MPs in 2004, and this is one of those. They didn’t sell very well; apparently it is weird to think of lightmeterlessness as a feature.

That’s OK. Lots of people think I’m weird.

I see the advantages like this:

  • I cannot be caught out without batteries;
  • I have a very good incentive to develop a feel for the light I’m moving in;
  • There’s a certain satisfaction in taking photographs without any crutches at all.

As a backup I ought to buy a light meter anyway, if only for the Yashica Mat 124, whose light meter is flaky at best, and the A-1, whose light meter is honest enough simply not to work. But for now I’m going to do it the hardcore way: Sunny 16 and guesswork.


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