Light meter? I don’t need no stinking light meter …

So I’ve been wondering about exposure for a while, in the light of the fact that I have now completed my 3rd film in the Leica, and I still guesstimate the exposure.

I am currently still insufficiently hardcore to disdain the use of exposure calculation aids, so I was thrilled when I found the Exposure-Mat.

It’s a little slide-rule doohickey which can be printed out on cardstock, and which displays sensible shutter/aperture combinations based on the film speed and the estimated EV (exposure value): bright sun, hazy day, overcast day and so forth.

Of course it’s always going to be a guesstimate, and I will still need to accumulate experience in what works and what doesn’t, but it should see me in the right direction at least.

The technology hacker part of me wants to make one out of aluminium, and glue it over the fake film speed selector wheel on the MP-Classic ….

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