Old MF Camera Lust

I want, in no particular order:

  • A Rolleiflex 2.8
  • A Voigtländer Bessa II
  • A Mamiya C330

A common theme is that we’re talking about medium format here. There’s something about the way a 6×6 or 6×9 photograph pulls you in. Can’t shake it.

A well-preserved pre-war Bessa II with a rangefinder would be the bee’s knees. I suspect that the 6×9 photographs I found in my grandfather’s attic were taken with a Bessa, or something very like it.

I hasten to add that I am not dissatisfied with the trusty old YashicaMat 124, but the mystique of the old greats has an undeniable appeal to a sybarite like me.


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