November & December technique review

OK so most of this is no-brainer stuff, but it’s worth noting in terms of my gradually returning ‘higher’ photography and darkroom technique:

  • At least sort of meter my exposure:
    I’m getting far better results using the exposure slide rule thingie I referred to in an earlier post than previous 100% eyeball-based attempts. I have ordered a light meter from; I eagerly anticipate its arrival.
  • Pre-soak:
    Outstanding results were obtained by pre-washing my last film to get rid of the anti-halation layer. A substantial difference in fixing behaviour was observed between the pre-washed film and the non-pre-washed sliver of undeveloped film I use as a fixing guide.
  • Filtration:
    Red-filter the light: b&w photographer’s delight. Yes, more subtle results can be obtained with yellow and orange filters, but Namibia’s light, especially out in the desert, is harsh, harsh, harsh. Suggestions for softening them up are welcome. In the meantime I have ordered a ‘proper’ red filter for use with the Leica. The hand-held Cokin 003 will have to do for now on the Yashicamat.

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