Another shout-out

llyn gwynant — Originally uploaded by gringoninjo revisited

Flickr user gringoninjo revisited — who takes very nice pictures indeed, independently of any self-imposed artistic constraints — comments on my manifesto:

I like this manifesto idea though I think two or three rolls minimum of 120 would be better at only twelve shots per roll. As for the 35mm – I’m going to take this up myself.

I salute you, gringoninjo revisited!

As for the rather low minimum for 120 film: I agree on reflection that one roll per month is a little low, in the same way that on reflection I would re-phrase aspects of the manifesto slightly next-time round. I simply felt that I needed a minimum throughput so as not to lose momentum, and set it at one roll to get me started, partly also because I was not sure whether I would have difficulty sourcing good 120 film. (Relief: it’s not hard, even in Namibia, although the internet and DHL get involved.) In practice I have found that I go through more than two rolls of 120 per month, give or take.


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