You didn’t have to be there …

Let’s Go Digital introduces Casio’s 60 fps Digital Camera Prototype.

Among the raft of features is one which has me taken somewhat aback:

“Moreover, using Pre-shot Burst Mode, (a ultra-high speed continuous shooting mode that captures images from the scene prior to the moment when you actually press the shutter button), users can be confident they will never miss the most crucial photographic moment.”

So Henri Cartier Bresson’s notional Decisive Moment has been subsumed by a camera that lets you miss the moment without adverse effect.

I can see this being a boon for sports photographers (except that these will probably still prefer to use the heavyweights: Canon and Nikon DSLRs), but I can’t shake the thought that for street photography it’s just plain cheating.

But then, I suppose the view camera people thought Oskar Barnack was cheating with his newfangled Leitz-Camera, back in 1913 …

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