The Sign

The Sign — Originally uploaded by kavandje

Low level, low light, from the hip.

Took the Canon A-1 with me to the Blitzkrieg Bunker Bar in Windhoek last Friday, and shot a roll of film. Fortuitously, the last frame let me grab the sign.

I took one light reading with the Sekonic, which told me 1/30 sec at f/1.2, and I sort of stuck with that the whole evening. This resulted in lots of underexposure, but also lots of good, atmospheric photos. They’re over at my Flickr, in a file-under-obviously named set.

I took quite a few pictures by estimating the distances, setting the focus and aiming and shooting from the hip. Plenty of mediocrity, but some quite startling surprises.
I’m hesitant to call it street photography, since no streets were harmed, but some candidness definitely there.

Perhaps if the old Paxette could be made to work reliably, or I could find an old M3 or M4, “street photography” could be indulged. But as a beater camera, the A-1 does just fine.


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