A new folder?

Fuji is seemingly thinking of introducing a new Medium Format folding camera.

Needless to say, this is awesome news, especially seeing as it is becoming rather difficult to find good quality older cameras. We all know it’s a tiny slice of the market, and that the appeal is rather narrow, but it’s fundamentally A Good Thing that such a camera could find its way onto rather rarefied shelves.

According to what I’ve read so far, here’s what’s planned:

  • 6×7 format on 120 or 220 film;
  • Fujinon 80mm f/3.5 manual focus lens;
  • Electronically controlled shutter with Aperture priority and manual exposure modes;
  • Manual film winder;
  • Coupled rangefinder;
  • Hot shoe;
  • More coolth than any given digital camera on the market today.

I will buy one in a freaking instant, there is no doubt in my mind, even if the shutter is electronic and requires batteries. For a new folder, I will buy batteries.

Who knows? Maybe they’ll make the back interchangeable, and offer a MF digital back as an accessory? Maybe they’ll even realise that while 6×7 is nice, 6×6 is better, and 6×9 is exactly 546.358% more awesome.

Are you hearing me, Fuji?

And what about the former mf folder luminaries, Agfa (you’ll be missed), Zeiss Ikon and Voigtländer? Both of the latter have the wherewithal and styling panache to pull it off.

Actually, Zeiss, you know what? Build me a 6×9 Ikonta, with an 80mm Sonnar, coupled rangefinder and a mechanical shutter, and you can have a friend for life.

But yeah, Fuji, seriously: build this camera. Serious. Just do it. Do it now. Make it out of metal, and not plastic.

Make a camera I can leave to my kids when I die which will then still be awesome.

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