Oh. My. God.

I can still hardly believe my luck.

I ought to be ashamed of myself.

So the girlie and I went to this antique shop in Windhoek, and they’d had a consignment of camera equipment which according to the store owner was too new and not store appropriate. She put me in touch with the seller, whom I duly contacted, and arranged a price: N$300 for one batch, N$800 for the other batch. N$1100 for both.

Stunned, I said yes. Here’s why:

  • Olympus OM-1 outfit in 100% working condition:
    • Olympus OM-1 body
    • 50mm f/1.8
    • 28mm f/2.5
    • 75 – 105mm telezoom f/3.5 (x2!!)
    • 2x extender tube
    • Agfa flash
  • Exacta Varex IIb (working with reservations)
  • Exa II (not working)
  • Chinon M-1 (working)
  • Hanimex 200mm telephoto for Exacta/Exa
  • Hanimex 200mm telephoto for Chinon
  • Bellows system for Exacta/Exa
  • Assorted filters, tubes and whatnot
  • Gossen light meters (x2)
  • Braun electronic flash with rechargeable battery and charger
  • Mystery flash thing
  • Remote accessory shoe for tripod mounting
  • Bilora tripod with Linhoff pan/tilt head
  • Agfa slide viewer “Gucki” (apparently quite the classic)
  • Agfa slide projector
  • Super 8 movie editing viewer
  • Kodak 8 / 16mm editing splicer (complete with glue!)
  • Super 8 movie projector
  • Projection screen

I think that qualifies as Christmas and birthday all rolled into one.

The seller added that she also had “one of those old extendable cameras”. When I asked her what it said on the front, she said, “Agfa Isolette”. I said I’d take a look.

I had a look, and I bought an Agfa Isolette 6×6 for N$400.

All shutter speeds work 100%. The lens is stiff, but is gradually loosening up. Needs a clean. The viewfinder is foggy, but useable. Film transport works. Self-timer works. Bellows seem tight, and in fact in really good condition.

I’ve run two films through the Isolette so far, and I’ll process them as soon as I can to see the results.


The seller mentioned they also had a similar heirloom Agfa, which they weren’t sure they were going to sell, but if they were I’d be contacted. Agfa Billy Record, also in apparently good working order.

So here’s to hoping the son doesn’t want a classic 6×9 film camera.


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