isolette 003.07

I have been taking photographs with the Agfa Isolette, and I have to say I’m in love.

Without doubt the Yashica is a far more sophisticated medium format camera, and my heart still beats for the TLR, but the Agfa has a particular vibe, and seems to encourage a certain taoist charm.

It raises the question just how awesome it would be to have a rangefinder-enabled 6×9 folder. I have the strong suspicion that the answer yould be “very awesome indeed thankyouverymuch”

Naturally I still have to acquaint myself further with the camera, and I need to learn its quirks and light requirements. But I seem to have got lucky: the bellows are mostly tight, with only a slight light leak in one corner, and the shutter works well.

Another question must be raised: Why, oh why, have cameras become so dull, so lacking in quirk and charm?

Screw that. I’m sticking to old skool iron, unless of course Fuji bring that 6×7 folder to market. Then I will impoverish myself. Willingly.


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