The New Fuji Folder – a few thoughts and wishes

David Bram has a few thoughts and wishes on the possible new Fuji 6×7 folder, including (to my enormous gratification) suggesting that 6×7 is nice, but that 6×9 is much, much nicer.

I have just received a message from a Flickr contact in Japan that it looks like the camera’s being introduced still in this year, and that it’s likely to be available worldwide.

That would rock.

Bram suggests he’d like to see it sold as a kit, with a nice bag, some filters and a bunch of film, and while that’s appealing, I suspect I wouldn’t have much use for the film unless it’s black and white, and/or unless it comes with a processing voucher system. And even then I suspect my local retailers would stare at me quizzically.

I can see it now: I walk in. “Please process this 120 transparency film.” The slightly moronic lady behind the counter unwraps the film from the spool looking for the film.


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