To be a thorn

Certain things piss me off.

One of those things is the threat posed to individual liberty by governments who arrogate to themselves the notion that they know what is best for me, what I am allowed to say, think and do, and what I am allowed to see.

This kind of threat is directed — intentionally or not — squarely at my personal sense of identity and integrity. It is an insult to my intelligence, and it is an affront to the very principles of liberal democracy which I believe in. I will not countenance this kind of threat. I do not consent to be governed in this way by anyone. And I will resist.

I am no patriot. I cannot be. I think patriotism in its primitive, flag-waving forms, is ridiculous at best, and more often genuinely dangerous. And patriotism that takes the form of dissent, while laudable in principle, is really no different, usually, than the judicious application of common sense.

I am a strong advocate of nonviolence. However I will use all legitimate, constitutionally permissible means to stop any government under which I happen to live from abusing its authority to obtain power to which it is not entitled.

And once I live under the government of the country of which I am a citizen, I will engage myself in politics. I think it the height of foolishness for people to sit on their asses, loudly belly-aching about how things are not how they’re meant to be, but refusing to do anything about it.

People who don’t speak out deserve everything they get. Fuck them.

Anyway, in this context, I have resolved to become a thorn in the side of those members of the German political caste who seem to feel that “security” and “saving the children” is more important than allowing the country to descend into a morass of ideological bankruptcy.

I am no radical leftist, nor am I right of centre. Perhaps Germany needs a new kind of radical: one who is entirely fed up with the various attempts from either side of the ideological horseshoe to hijack the country.


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