Picture of the Day: Run

This is my dog Coca. Actually, her full name is Coca/Luna Pangolina ST. She is a rescue dog from Spain. She is relatively obviously a Galgo cross, but the rest of her heritage is a matter of conjecture. Her first people kept her in a tiny kennel and never gave her a chance to do what she was obviously built to do: run. She was also terribly timid and jumpy, but buried deep inside there was always a great, loving dog waiting to emerge.
I have had her for about a year and a half, and only recently has she really figured out how to operate her legs. She is still a little gawky when she is in a full sprint, but already she is breathtakingly fast. And she is getting less clumsy. Soon she will discover what her ancestors were bred for – chasing down hares – and then perhaps I shall have to develop a taste for the stringy little things.
Capture notes: Nikon D700 in continuous high speed shutter mode, AF-Nikkor 1:2.8/20. Processed in Adobe Lightroom 3.6 and Nik Silver Efex 2.


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  1. what a great photo with amazing story…thank u soo much

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