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Picture of the Day: Thirst

A detail of an Indonesial Kris knife.


Capture notes: Nikon D700, Micro-Nikkor 1:2.8/55 Ai; ISO 200, 1/160s @ f/16. Single 600w strobe.


Picture of the Day: A


Sometimes, less light is a good thing. Keeps things nice and simple.

Capture Notes: Nikon D700, ISO400, Carl Zeiss Planar T* 1:1.4/50 ZF @ f/9. Lights: one 400w strobe to camera right. Processed in Adobe Lightroom 3.5 and Nik SilverEfex2.

Picture of the Day: Deer


A short while ago, it was foggy throughout the day. Meanwhile, sort of on impulse, I had purchased a used, slightly battered-looking but otherwise functional Nikon F5. So I stuck on a borrowed 105mm macro, loaded up some Rollei Retro 400S (about which I’ll write more later), set the ISO at 320 and went for a walk in the afternoon.

The atmosphere was phenomenal, but hard to do justice to in 35mm – next time it’s foggy, I’ll head out with the Hasselblad or the Toyo. Visibility was perhaps 100 metres.

One of the people in my village keeps a herd of deer on a pasture at the edge of the village. I hadn’t expected to see the deer, but as I approached the gate to the enclosure, they wandered up to investigate. The stag kept his distance, and proved impossible to photohgraph, but one of the females walked right up to me to investigate, and kindly posed for the above portrait. It’s a little motion-blurry, as exposure was 1/8th at f/2.8 and the VR doesn’t work with the F5; I’d not have had this problem with the Leica, I think. But the photo is expressive enough. I like it.

Process notes: Rollei Retro 400S Exposed at 320, processed for 25 minutes at 18°C in 1+50 Rodinal. Printed on Adox MC110RC paper using a split-grade technique. Scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop, including final tone curve adjustment for the screen and a 20% sepia filter to warm it up a little.

Picture of the Day: Mouth of Heaven

Mouth of Heaven

The uneasy associations that derive from the title in the view of the subject matter is entirely intentional.

Capture notes: Hasselblad 503cx, Carl Zeiss Planar T* 1:3.5/100 C, Kodak Tri-X 400, Processed in Rodinal 1+50. Negative scanned with an Epson V700.

Picture of the Day: Vapour


Capture Notes: Nikon D700, Carl Zeiss Planar T* 1:1.4/85 ZF, ISO400, f/8, 1/250s, 1x 400w strobe to camera left; Processed in Apple Aperture 3.1.1 and Nik SilverEfex 2

Picture of the Day: Baobab


Capture notes: Rolleiflex Automat IV, Rollei IR400 film, f/11, 1/50s

Picture of the Day: Green and Pleasant Land

Green and Pleasant Land

Another landscape, following on from my current theme of photographs from my trip to England in 2010: a view from the top of Worcester Beacon, across rain-shroudedHerefordshire.

What continues to astound me is the performance of this little lens. I’m not sure I could have done better using a larger camera, and the Leica really is an ideal travel companion.

Capture notes: Leica M9, Summicron-M 1:2/28 asph., ISO 160, f/11, 1/250s. Processed in Adobe Lightroom and Nik SilverEfex 2.

Picture of the Day: Black Mountains

Black Mountains

The view west from Worcester Beacon, towards the Black Mountains in Wales.

Capture notes: Leica M9, Summicron-M 1:2/28 asph., ISO160, f/11, 1/3000s. RAW processing in Adobe Lightroom 3, monochrome conversion in Nik Silver Efex 2.

Prints available; follow link on Flickr.

Picture of the day: Fence in the Mist

Fence in the Mist

Foggy mornings are always a good time to be out with a camera. Things appear in a very different light; the banal becomes mysterious.

Capture notes: Hasselblad 503cx, Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 1:3.5/60 C, Kodak Tri-X 400, f/3.5 @ approx 1/125 (EV ±13). Processed in Adox APH09 for 15 minutes and 17 seconds at 18˚C.